Sunday, 8 January 2017

Fiercely Functional Filofax Setup for 2017

No fancy stickers here, no fancy writing - I've finally found that I'm fiercely functional with my everyday planning. This year I initially chose the Pear Filofax Original for my everyday planner but, not wanting to spoil its newness I settled for my Lime Piazza instead. It's been used before, feels good and is a fresh green colour to start the New Year.

There's nothing in the inside pockets so what greets me when I open up is this puss cat pic behind which is my year at a glance.

The pages in my planner are the standard Filofax ones but I've divided them up with monthly dividers which I used last year.

Straight after the divider is a monthly 2 page spread. On the left - just a list of all the dates in the month. Here I note down birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. On the right I write more personal jottings  that happened on certain days. The reason for this is that I intend to archive the monthly pages only so notable happenings need to be logged. e.g. car broke down - towed home.

A week on 2 pages follows the monthly spread where I schedule To Dos for the week in the first box and To Dos for specific days in the day boxes. Between the 2 pages for the week is a running To Do list which is easily detachable for moving on to the next week. If I have time and inclination I can pull off a job from this list.

Following the list is another 2 page spread - this time my activity tracker listing household cleaning areas, hobbies I pursue, habits I wish to log and goals I wish to achieve.

The other half of the week can be seen when this tracker is turned over. This tracker, like the Master To  Do List is easily moved from one week to the other. Behind the weekly pages is a moveable lined card which I put in to keep my scrawly writing in straight lines. It's 'nearly' working!

That's it - that's all, as the other 11 months follow exactly the same layout. This planner stays at home and is updated every evening. I used this layout last year and it worked very well. My spending is logged elsewhere. 

Happy Planning


  1. Hi! This looks great! Wonderful color and a streamlined system, too. Thank you for sharing : )


  2. Fiercely Functional: love it! That planner is a very pretty color.

  3. Você me deu uma ótima ideia! Obrigada por seus posts!