Saturday, 14 January 2017

Keeping track of game information

A spare Filofax came in very handy when the information I had collected about my computer game became too great to handle easily on pieces of scrap paper. The game is a tycoon type game called My Little Farmies (what a silly title) where the owner of the farm has to grow various crops, nurture various farm animals and turn the farm into a vibrant and profitable organisation. (In my case, without spending  real money!)

I use my Filofax to make various lists to help me calculate profitability. Having the information set down in an organised way allows me to be able to build my virtual business profitably. At the moment my sections are:-

Daily log
Crop Information
Animal Information
Product Information
Processing units
Money made
Money spent
Guild Information

They will only mean something to people who have played the game. My Filofax will return to the shelf as a storage binder when I have tired of the game but at the moment I'm having fun designing and tycooning!

Happy planning!

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  1. My Filofax has a section for my World of Warcraft characters. Much like yours I keep track of character info, stats, in-game to do lists, etc. You are very innovative and creative with how you use your Filofaxes.