Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The same or different?

Whoop, whoop the post has arrived.

And what have you bought this time?
Well - it's a purple pocket Malden zip.
Right  - and haven't you got one like that already?
Yes but this one is similar but definitely different.

This one's a different colour for a start ...

… and it's made of leather, whereas the other one is not. They are the same size and I shall use them both as purses.

The zip pulls are the same shape and both are compact and of simple design.

However the back pockets are a different shape ...

and the inside pockets are different too. Both have elasticated pen loops and ...

both have identical inside purses.

Both are very roomy with lots of card slots and a coin zip compartment.

So they are similar but different at the same time. I love the Pennybridge as it's handy and I use it when I need to pop a purse into my bag. I shall use the Pennybridge for summer and the Malden for winter. There! I need two purses which are similar and different.

Right - I've justified my purchase now and I'll just sit this Malden on my knee and give it a stroke. Whoop, whoop!

Happy Planning

PS And the smell is just divine.

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