Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A simple Week on One Page - 2

Each week I am featuring one example of an alternative, simple WO1P, drawn out easily in a few minutes. I am no artist and no designer but I wanted something 'completely different' for every week of the year. These are just experimental pages and may work or may not. There are no dates here apart from the first page. The paper I am using is recycled from old sketch books and the patterns on the opposite page are taken from a colouring book from the Pound Shop. All the pages are in my black, personal Original and I wanted to keep everything simple and in black and white. The ideas are mine but some are very simple takes on pages I have viewed on the net. None are direct copies. Some pages have the reverse design on the back. I first mentioned my black Original in this post.

Week 2

This is one of my first designs written on card I obtained from here. It's an obvious way of using a page and I wanted no space to be wasted with boxes or pattern. If all the lines get filled in then the space in the pattern page can be used for odd notes. If colour is required the pattern page is there for the colouring. Lidl have some metallic marker pens in this week in white and grey. I think I'll have a go at some black pages with white writing - they should match my theme.

Happy Planning

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