Monday, 4 April 2016

Filofax Personal Piazza

The personal Piazza was another buy from Ebay and housed my daily planning and diary for a time. The colour - citrus green brightens up the day and I chose this one to house my January, February and March pages. 

When a different colour just happened my way I thought that it was just the colour for some spring months so ...

April, May, June lilac Piazza was set up.

The red one was a given for October, November and December.

All plans went awry when I purchased my ochre Malden as I thought that would be the colour for my Autumn pages. I liked it so much that I started using it straight away as my daily planner. System number 1 went out of the window and I'm using the Filofax diary pages that came with the Malden. So now the green Piazza houses months that have gone by.

And the red Piazza houses my Christmas Planning pages.

The lilac Piazza is just resting at the moment but who knows, I may change my mind yet again.

Should I keep a look out for an Autumn coloured Piazza?
Should I just use the Malden? The system (Number 2) I've got at the moment is working for me really well.

Oh the dilemma? I'm really enjoying this Filofax journey but I have to keep selling other items on Ebay to be able to fund this adventure!

Happy Planning

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  1. They're so pretty I'd have to find some way to use all of them.