Wednesday, 20 April 2016

D.I.Y. Card holders for a pocket Filofax

Top loading badge holders off Ebay from Japan are nearly the right length to fit in my pocket Malden. They were, however, not wide enough and I needed some way of adding holes for them to fit.

We found a sheet of clear acetate in our study and I cut a page size out.

I used Washi tape to secure the badge holder to the acetate and then punched some holes and rounded off the corners.

Cards fit perfectly and they can be zipped in if necessary.

I put 2 cards in each holder as both sides can be seen.

A perfect fit. Ten of these holders cost me £1.55.

My D.I.Y. card holders for a mini Filofax can be found here.

Happy Planning.


  1. Muito legal! Vou adaptar para minha personal.

  2. This is a great hack. Tell me, how is it getting the cards in and out of the holder without too much pulling that it pulls the washi away from the acetate?

    1. The cards can be left proud of the opening. That way they are easier to pull out. Granted, the Washi tape will need to be replaced regularly if the cards are used regularly. My main cards are in my mini and they are much easier to take in and out.
      My pocket is really a brain dump but I wanted some see through pages to put in photos. These won't be coming out very often. Thank you for commenting. I hope you keep visiting.

  3. What a clever blog! Very enjoyable reading. Thank you for all the ideas.

    1. I hope you come back for more. Thank you for your comment.