Monday, 3 April 2017

From plan to party in my Filofax

The project was to plan a party for my friend who has golfing and quizzing interests. Her birthday is noted in my list binder (black micro-file) along with other birthdays of friends and relatives.

These birthdays are copied onto my monthly pages in my day to day planner (personal Piazza in lime).

The date is also noted on my weekly pages. Her birthday is in April.

My initial planning for this project was to wait for inspiration so my Brain Dump Filofax (pocket Malden in ochre) came in very handy when inspiration struck and I had to get my thoughts down quickly, some in the middle of the night, hence illegible scribble. (That's my excuse anyway!)

Now to get down to the proper planning and this is where my scrap paper Filofax (personal Piazza in lilac) came in handy. In this planner are pages of torn up scrap paper, recycled so I can write on the back of the paper. I ordered my scribblings on different pages, tearing out ideas that wouldn't work and refining ideas for action.

Once my plans were sorted I started making games and puzzle sheets (she's a quiz enthusiast), ...

sorting and buying small presents (she's a golfing enthusiast) 

and ...

typing up sheets that would be used throughout the evening.

Birthday girl played A ROUND at the PAR TEE and had a BALL. A great BIRDIE FORE her and success FORE my planning.

Happy Planning

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